Massage is not just for stress relief and relaxation – it is a profound tool for healing. Massage is an excellent option for everyone but especially those who are hard on their bodies through work or exercise, those with muscular imbalances, pain and  many other common ailments. Massage doesn’t just affect the soft tissues of the body, it truly can bring relief from the inside out, creating shifts in circulation, lymph movement and many of the major systems of the body.

Massage sessions:

  • Bring relief from chronic stress, tension, anxiety and depression
  • Reduce pain and help with pain management
  • Promote relaxation
  • Improve cardiovascular and nervous system health
  • Help restore natural sleep cycles
  • Support health and mobility
  • Support injury and surgical recovery
  • Enhance immune health
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve health of skin
  • Promote movement of blood and lymph

Intuitive Therapeutic Massage

This is not your average massage. This bodywork treatment is guided by intuition and the felt information gathered from the tissues of the client’s body. Intuitive therapeutic massage uses integrated body work modalities including classic massage, acupressure and meridian based bodywork techniques. This “go-where-guided” style massage will provide relaxation while balancing the energies of the body – which can provide relief for stress, tension, pain or discomfort.

$100/60min • $140/90min


Reiki Relaxation Massage

This is not your average massage! Enjoy the best of both worlds with a reiki-infused full body relaxation massage. A beautiful blend of body and energy work – this treatment is focused on moving stuck energy and opening the meridians through gentle Swedish and acupressure techniques. This body and soul treatment is relaxing, rejuvenating and restorative.

$100/60min • $140/90min


Cupping Massage

Cupping is an ancient modality used to unblock energetic stagnation in the body which aids the flow of Qi and releases muscle tension. This bodywork treatment blends massage and cupping to provide balance and relief to the body.

$100/60min, $140/90min


Cupping is an ancient modality used to unblock energetic stagnation in the body which aids the flow of Qi and releases muscle tension. Cupping can be preformed full body or targeted to a specific area of tension.



Auriculotherapy (Ear Seeds)

Auriculotherapy is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) based approach for full body healing that involves stimulating specific points on the ear to trigger a therapeutic response. In TCM, the ear is the microcosm for the entire body. There are acupoints on the ear that corresponds to every part of the body, every organ, every joint and every system. Many physical. mental, and emotional concerns can be addressed with this non-invasive therapy. Adhesive ear seeds (24k gold) are used as a substitute for needles.



Complimentary Massage Add-Ons

Essential Oils – Topically or Aromatically


Massage Bundles

$450/five 60min sessions (save $50)
$625/five 90min sessions (save $75)