Usui Holy Fire Reiki Level I & II Certification

with Peyton Hamilton



Saturday, March 9th, 2024, 12:30-4:30pm


Includes: Reiki Level I Attunement, Reiki Workbook & Handout Folder, Certificate of Completion



Saturday, March 16th, 2024, 12:30-4:30pm


Includes: Reiki Level II Attunement, Reiki Workbook (if not already received in Level I) & Handout Folder, Certificate of Completion


It is encouraged (although, not required) to take both Reiki Level I & II together to complete your foundational Reiki education.



Reiki is spiritually guided universal life force energy. Learning & using Reiki amplifies the individuals’ innate ability to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well as promote deep relaxation and stress relief. More than just a healing modality, Reiki is also a path for enlightenment and self-mastery. In these Reiki training courses, you will learn to give Reiki healing energy to yourself and others. Anyone can learn Reiki, there are no prerequisites or requirements to Level I. All that is needed is a desire to learn!


All Reiki training classes are taught by Reiki Masters. Classes will be held by Peyton (Goldberg) Hamilton, a Reiki Master Teacher who is affiliated with the Professional Reiki Membership Association with the International Center of Reiki Training.



Reiki Level I focuses on general information about the path & practice of Reiki – how to give Reiki to yourself and others at a non-practitioner level and how to use this energy in your everyday life. In Reiki I, you will learn what reiki is, how it works, how it heals, how to use it, a history of the modality, how to scan someone else for blockages, how to give yourself a treatment and the standard hand placements used in a Reiki treatment session. Students will also receive an attunement for Reiki I. This will align you with and allow you to tap into pure Reiki energy to share Reiki with yourself, others, pets, plants, things – you name it!


Reiki II is considered the practitioner level. Reiki I must be completed prior to taking Reiki II. In Reiki Level II you will learn three Reiki symbols: 1) the power symbol, which amplifies the power of the Reiki energy you channel 2) the mental/emotional symbol, which can be used to heal emotions, thoughts, non-serving patterns, limiting beliefs and relationships, and 3) the distant symbol, which is used for sending Reiki at a distance as well as into the past or future. In addition to learning the symbols of Level II, you will receive the attunement for Level II. In this class, Level I skills will be expanded upon. You’ll learn how to give a full treatment, then practice hands-on skills while further developing your intuitive scanning abilities. You will also learn additional Reiki tools and more advanced methods.


Both Level I and II will include group discussion, guided Reiki meditation experiences, attunements, hands-on practice and plenty of time for questions.



Yoga mat/bolster/folding chair – something comfy to sit on, a massage table (if you have one), a notebook/journal, something to write with.


**If you have a table and are able to bring it, please let Peyton know via email.



Send Peyton an email to arrange payment and get added to the training roster. Feel free to email her with any other questions about the trainings as well. Payment plans are available upon request.

Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master Certification

with Peyton Hamilton



You must be on time and present in class the for the entire scheduled days and times listed to receive your Reiki Master certification. No exceptions.


$325 nonrefundable deposit required, but is transferable for another training. The deposit is required to secure your spot on the roster. Payment plans are available. I am flexible on how you choose to pay and will work with you! All outstanding balances are due by the first day of class to participate.



Day in-person training, ICRT Master level class manual, class folder with handouts, Master certificate, and a year’s subscription to Reiki News Magazine.

“The real master creates masters, not followers. The real master throws you back to yourself.”


Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master training is an in person three-day immersive learning experience led by Peyton (Goldberg) Hamilton, Reiki Master Teacher/ICRT Professional Member/LMT/RYT 500.


This three-day class is for the Reiki practitioner who wishes to strengthen their Reiki healing energy for use with self, on others and in the world around them. By the end of this training, you will not only be a certified Reiki Master but a Reiki Master Teacher as well. Your Master certification will be issued through the International Center of Reiki Training (ICRT) and will enable you to teach Reiki Level I through Reiki Master, if you so choose. You will both receive and learn how to give Placements and Ignitions to others, which are a much simpler form of attunements. Usui Holy Fire Reiki provides deep purification, healing, empowerment, and spiritual guidance.



Students must have completed both Reiki I & II and have at least six months of practice at the Reiki II level. For questions on eligibility, email Peyton at



  • Receive the Healing in the River of Life Experience that heals deeply – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Receive the placement (attunement) for the Usui Master symbol.
  • Learn how to use the Usui Master symbol, which increases the strength of the Level II symbols.
  • Discuss the Master level Holy Fire symbol and its uses.
  • Receive four different ignitions, which will upgrade and strengthen your Reiki energy and provide further purification, healing, empowerment, and guidance and connect you directly to Source/God/Holy Spirit.
  • Use crystals and learn how to make a Reiki grid to continuously send Reiki to people, places, things, and world events.
  • Learn how to do a moving Reiki meditation.
  • Begin revealing your Authentic Self and healing your ego/attachments.
  • Explore higher levels of consciousness.
  • Receive a Holy Love Experience.
  • Practice using the Usui Master and Holy Fire symbols in treatments.
  • Give & receive Reiki healing sessions with classmates.
  • Learn how to give placements for ReikiI through the Master Practitioner level, the ignitions for Reiki Master, and all processes to be able to teach the class.
  • Learn how to give yourself placements and ignitions.
  • Learn a Holy Fire Healing Experience to heal deeply for yourself and clients.
  • Learn how to release spirit attachments.
  • Learn tips on teaching and how to build a Reiki business, and more!
  • This class is a blend of guided meditations and Reiki experiences, Master placements and ignitions, hands on practice, demonstrations/activities, lectures, group discussions and plenty of time for Q&A.


Desire to teach Reiki is not required to participate in this class. This class is a powerful healing experience on a personal and professional level!


The new, updated manual includes several articles on using Reiki for one’s personal, spiritual growth as well as ways to develop a abundant Reiki practice. Because the new system of placements and ignitions are so simple, there is ample time to devote to giving & receiving Reiki Holy Fire healing sessions to each other. Bring some issues you would like to have completely healed! This class will have a special focus on cleansing and purifying ourselves into order to be more clear and open channels for this healing energy.


For any questions about class and/or additional information on registration, making your deposit and individual payment plans, please email Peyton at