Sound Bath Journey

with Loren, Peyton & Sara
Saturday, June 18th, 2022
COST: $50


The deepest healing occurs when we intentionally take time to drop into our parasympathetic nervous system. In this 75-minute experience, you will relax and drop into a meditative state while Loren Boyd & Peyton Goldberg, both attuned Reiki Masters, give reiki to each attendee.


Sara Southerland is a holistic wellness coach and intuitive sound healer who will be using crystal bowls, vocals and other instruments to accompany the meditation. The healing power of sound opens, awakens, and activates the energy body, inviting balance and deeper alignment on all levels.


What is reiki?
Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique.


Some of the benefits of reiki include:

• Enhances your body’s natural healing ability.
• Helps body release stress and tension.
• Dissolves energy blocks, balancing your mind, body and spirit.
• Helps ground and center energy.
• Assists detoxification.
• Provides immune system and parasympathetic nervous system support.
• Complementary to medical treatments and other therapies.
• Aids sleep and relaxation.
• Heals on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level.


At this event, you will:

• Learn what reiki is and its benefits.
• Meditate.
• Receive reiki & a healing sound experience.


No yoga or meditation experience necessary. Bring your mat, water, and any props such as pillows or blankets to make yourself comfortable.


The studio will not be heated for this event. Space is limited. Pre-registration is required.

Usui Holy Fire Reiki Level I & II Certification

with Peyton Goldberg




Level One

Level I: Saturday, October 8th, 12:30-7PM

Investment: $222

Includes: Training Session, Reiki Level I Attunement, First and Second Degree Reiki Workbook & Handout Folder, Certificate of Completion

Level Two

Level II: Saturday, October 15th, 12:30-7PM

Investment: $333

Includes: Training Session, Reiki Level II Attunement, First and Second Degree Reiki Workbook (if not already received in Level I) & Handout Folder, Certificate of Completion

Reiki is spiritually guided universal life force energy. Reiki amplifies the individuals’ innate ability to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well as promote deep relaxation and stress relief. In these Reiki training courses, you will learn to give Reiki healing energy to yourself and others. Anyone can learn Reiki, there are no prerequisites or requirements to Level I. All that is needed is a desire to learn and a willingness to be a conduit for this healing energy.


All Reiki training classes are taught by Reiki Masters. Classes will be held by Peyton Goldberg, a Reiki Master who is part of the Professional Reiki Membership Association with the International Center of Reiki Training. She is the owner of Oversoul, where she offers one-on-one healing sessions using a variety of modalities including Reiki, massage, yoga, bodywork and chakra balancing. She is also a yoga teacher at The Studio.



Reiki Level I focuses on general information about the practice of Reiki, how to give Reiki to yourself and others at a non-practitioner level and how to use this energy in your everyday life. In Reiki I, you will learn what reiki is, how it works, how it heals, how to use it, a history of the modality, how to scan yourself for blockages in the energy field (Byosen scanning), how to scan someone else for blockages, how to give yourself a treatment and the standard hand placements used in a Reiki treatment session. Students will also receive an empowerment for Reiki I, depending on the lineage this is sometimes called an attunement and other times a placement. This will align and allow you to tap into pure Reiki energy and share Reiki with yourself, others, pets, plants, food – you name it! Other topics covered in Level I: the chakras and subtle energy body, grounding methods, raising vibration, the Three Pillars of Reiki: Gassho, Reiji-ho and Chriyo, Koki-ho, Kenyoku, Reiki for empaths, space clearing and blessing techniques, Reiki code of ethics, and more.


In Reiki II you will learn three Reiki symbols: 1) the power symbol, which amplifies the power of the Reiki energy you channel 2) the mental/emotional symbol, which can be used to heal emotions, thoughts, non-serving patterns, limiting beliefs and relationships, and 3) the distant symbol, which is used for sending Reiki at a distance as well as into the past or future. In addition to learning the symbols of Level II, you will receive the empowerment for Level II (attunement/placement). In this class, Level I will be expanded upon. You’ll learn how to give a treatment and then practice giving full-length treatments while developing your intuitive scanning abilities. You will practice seeing and reading the aura, using pendulums to assist in scanning, learning about incorporating crystals and essential oils into treatments, using tuning forks, using Reiki to change a habit, Enkaku-Chiryo (sending Reiki at a distance), sending Reiki with the eyes (Gyoshi-ho), psychic/energetic protection, clearing negative energy with Jacki-Kiri Joka-ho, Reiki anatomy, how to conduct an animal reiki treatment session, how to run/build a thriving Reiki business, and more.


Both Level I and II will include education, discussion, meditation, hands-on practice and plenty of time for questions.



Yoga mat/bolster/folding chair – something comfy to sit on, a massage table (if you have one), a notebook/journal, something to write with, any items you’d like to charge with reiki/send reiki to: crystals, photos of loved ones, and other special items.



The International Center for Reiki Training recommends the following to improve the results you receive during the Reiki attunement(s): for three days leading up to your class, abstain from meat & fowl, minimize caffeine or quit completely, avoid drugs and alcohol, minimize sweets, if you smoke – cut back or as little as possible on day of attunement, meditate/be in nature/allow for lots of rest/ample self-care. Do whatever feels most in alignment for you.


If you have a table and are able to bring it, please let Peyton know via email.



Send Peyton an email to arrange payment and get added to the training roster. Feel free to email her with any other questions about the trainings as well.