Reiki is a gentle, light-touch, hands-on healing modality of Japanese origin that stimulates the body’s innate ability to heal and recover. Reiki is complementary to all western medical treatments, therapy/mental health counseling and other healing and bodywork modalities. Reiki naturally enhances and elevates all existing treatments and practices, but is also profound as a stand-alone treatment. All sessions include hands-on (or off) energy work and incorporate the use of crystals, tuning forks, aromatherapy and other healing tools to enhance sessions. All “extras” are added upon consent and particular needs of the client.

Energy work sessions:

• Support mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing
• Enhance and accelerate the body’s natural ability to heal
• Strengthen connection to highest self & inner child
• Create space for deep relaxation
• Provide immune & nervous system support
• Encourage celular regeneration & toxin elimination
• Balance and awaken chakras (energy centers)
• Promote groundedness
• Assist the body in feeling and releasing stuck energy and repressed emotions
• Provide relief from chronic stress, anxiety, tension and grief
• Support expanded consciousness, self-awareness and personal transformation
• Increase clarity, inner peace and sense of well-being
• Help to release spiritual and energetic attachments
• Dissolve blockages on mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic levels
• Help restore natural sleep cycles


Hands-on energy healing session using the traditional Usui lineage method. Sessions can be for general wellness/highest good or tailored for specific issues and healing goals. Reiki sessions can be done in-person or at a distance via zoom or facetime.

$85/60min • $115/90min


Intuitive Healing

Intuitive healing session approach incorporates reiki but also includes other healing modalities. These sessions are intuitively guided based on the client’s specific need and what is detected. Upon request, I will provide details of what was felt energetically and intuitively & offer suggestions on how to maintain balance in affected areas.

$85/60min • $115/90min


Four-Handed Reiki

Amplify the energy and healing potential of your session with not just one practitioner, but two. Peyton and her mother, Lisa (attuned Reiki practitioner) work together to provide this powerful, incredibly relaxing Reiki experience. This is a great option for specific targeted healing goals. To schedule a Four-Handed Reiki session email



Reiki Relaxation Massage

This is not your average massage! Enjoy the best of both worlds with a reiki-infused full body relaxation massage. A beautiful blend of body and energy work – this treatment is focused on moving stuck energy and opening the meridians through gentle Swedish and acupressure techniques. This body and soul treatment is relaxing, rejuvenating and restorative.

$100/60min, $140/90min


Animal Reiki

Did you know pets love reiki? Our animal friends hold & anchor huge amounts of light (love energy) on our planet – and help carry the energetic load so much more than we realize. Not only do animals assist in anchoring celestial energies, but they also absorb energies from their home environments and people companions. This means their bodies store the residual emotional energy from our arguments, fights and other tensions in the home. It’s so important to help your animals find peace, relaxation and release regularly. If your animal is in pain, anxious or having other behavioral issues, reiki can help. Cats, dogs and horses especially love reiki, but any and all animals can receive the benefits.

$100/30-45min (includes travel within 10miles • additional travel rates will apply)


Reiki Session Bundles

$375/five 60min sessions (save $50)